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Thread: Testosterone Gel 1 % 50 mg packets every day, but for how many weeks? Help...

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    Testosterone Gel 1 % 50 mg packets every day, but for how many weeks? Help...

    Testosterone Gel 1 % 50 mg packets every day, but for how many weeks. No info. out-

    there...none at all on the duration

    This is for bodybuilding not just to feel normal at almost 50 years of age

    i may get my hands on some testosterone gel 1 %

    they come in 14 sachets 5 gm/10 mg per 1 gm which basically is 14 sachets or packs of 50 mgs each so that's like a 14 day or 2 week supply

    then there are 28 sachets just like the above, ok that's 4 weeks (28 days)

    u open a satchet and apply a 50 mg dose every day in the morning by rubbing the gel to your shoulders

    the max u can take is 100 mgs per day *but 50 mgs of test gel per day (1%) that's like x 7 days per week = 350 mgs per week of 1 % testosterone gel
    For the life of me, I can't find out ANYWHERE for how long do you have to take this to get an bodybuilding positive effect

    Is it like a Test E. Cycle 12 weeks, 3 months or maybe 8 weeks 2 months?

    I'm thinking of getting the 56 satchets or almost 60 days (56 days) which would be a 1 month supply and then run an a.i. and nolvadex pct
    (also may run a small dbol cycle of 20 mgs per day, but the info. out there says dbot is really not necessary)

    or maybe I need 84 satchets which are basically candy wrapper size packets you squeeze out which would total 84 days almost 12 weeks or 3 months

    I do know that Testosterone e. injections are more effective in improving muscle mass and strength...but am not interested anymore in shots/injections

    Please let's not turn this into a "why don't u inject?" everyone who knows me knows that i've had a horrible experience years ago which i do not want to bring up again

    Not even the Androgel website, (I'm not getting it from the androgel company) has info. on how long, how many damn weeks??

    This is so frustrating....
    Anyone have idea at all?

    please if you can reply soon, that'd be great, i want to order it fast like today or tomorrow to avoid the holiday shopping rush *plus i got a 20 % coupon that could expire*

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    This is what i've come up from the androgel websirte.... u take it for 14 days, then go to a doctor where he checks ur bloods then he determines if u should up ur dose

    again, not getting it from androgel dot com

    the website has some scary info out there that's basically worse than some idiot dosing cycles of too much juice for an 18 year old like androgel can make your prostate worse, give u prostate cancer, give u a blood clot

    but im just going to like say that's the standard disclaimer.

    so.... how many weeks, if we are doing this underground like i am? for bodybuilding purposes (as a way to avoid testosterone injections)

    my regular reliable ugl source told me that Testosterone Gels are actually as effective as Testosterone injections, but he told me he ran out and has no clue on when he will get more

    that gives me more confidence in his statement

    nobody knows how many weeks u should apply testsosterone gel..

    nothing on google nothing on reddit, oh yeah reddit has some info on girls wanting to get their voices like men etc., im not into that...

    i'd love it if i can do 58 days of rubbing 50 mgs of testosterone gel to my shoulders in the morning

    that would be so much easier than prepping for test e. injections etc. or worrying about post injection pain or a possible abcess forming, etc.

    so do you suggest 2 months of this testosterone gel 1% or 3 months?
    thanks again for any useful helpful constructive advice
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    180 know what?

    double clicking the highlighted Androgel showed a website 'sticky' or pin, that there's only a 10 % absorption so you'd need 20 gms 4 tubes of 5 gms slapped on to your shoulders

    and this is either "impractical or whatever

    it basiscally is useless for androgenic purposes or useless for performance enhancement

    but 10 gm might be good or "do the trick" for pct or test. supression

    anyone want to chime in? or have anything to add? (thanks)

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    There is a missing piece of information here. Gel does not absorb at 100%. In fact, it has a terrible absorption rate of like 10 to 15%. So that 350mg per week you thought you were getting would actually be something like 35mg to 52.5mg per week, at best barely a replacement dose.
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    Thanks, yeah, my underground source lied to me, just like he was shocked when i told him i used to pin my pecs, and thereafter cough, he said there are arteries in the pecs, which that's weird on its own; i know of no such "arteries" in the pectoral muscles lol...anyway,

    Look when I type Androgen (it lights up in blue) and when you click on it, there's a whole blurb or pin or sticky on only 10 % absorption rate and it could be added with natural testosterone boosters and nolvadex after the real performance enhancement cycle is over

    thanks, Cylon357

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    Androgel is no where near as effective as injections. Testosterone cypionate pinned twice weekly with insulin syringes that have been backfilled is the gold standard. Can you really not handle an insulin syringe?

    For bodybuilding dosages this can be impractical as too much oil must be injected. Is hypertrophy really your intended use? Is your plan to really take a "bath" in androgel as a cycle? You will likely be transferring it to others, sweating it off, and have skin rashes from the large supra-physiological doses. If you do this, I would like to see 3-mo bloodwork results.

    There is no real medical evidence testosterone boosters help in any circumstance unless one is deficient is some key ingredient, like zinc. Some have aphrodisiac effects that lay persons self interpret as higher test levels.
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