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Thread: Pre and post cycle labs test cyp/cardarine/ostarine(look at them lipids!!!)

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    Pre and post cycle labs test cyp/cardarine/ostarine(look at them lipids!!!)

    I’m coming to the end of a 15 week 100mg test cyp eod/cardarine 20mg Ed/ ostarine 25mg Ed cycle

    I Ran arimidex eod at .5mg and hcg eod at 500iu ( this hcg was very old and as you will see by my LH levels, did nothing )

    My lipids were jacked beforehand but im very happy with them now. I took 20mg statin at night so that may have helped but I think the cardarine really did the work.

    Just curious what you guys think about the bloods. Also. The test vials I was using were pharma but over 5 years old. Guess the still work.

    Lmk what you guys think.
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    I think you forgot to link the picture of the blood work results...?
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    Yeah I originally liked them but didn’t edit out my personal info so I had to re upload then. They are up now.

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    Labs look good. You naturally have high hematocrit…you need to donate some blood boss…stat

    Interesting they didn’t measure your “bio available test in your pre lab work but did on the second. Estrogen looks good too and your free test is humming, good news.

    Get on some vitamin D supplements too. Good job. Just shows you that shit will stay good long past expiry if you store it correctly.

    You hit your goals?
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    Thanks bro.

    So the first labs were from my clinic. They are complete incompetent. Hence no lh or fsh on the first lab.

    I created the second lab myself through Jason so I was able to select a more comprehensive test.

    The test I used was pharma grade. I used my older vials first starting with expirations in 2016.

    As I used up the older bottles and moved on to the newer ones (2018 exp) I do feel like I could feel a difference. But might have just been in my head.

    I pinned 100mg sub Q EOD. I started the hcg which was equally as old, at 500iu twice a week. Noticed nothing so moved it to 500iu EOD. My testicles did descend some and semen volume has increased but looking at my LH levels it’s obvious to me hcg does not store well for long periods.

    I have some new hcg and hmg on the way so I will see if I can get those rookie numbers up.

    As far as the hemocrat issues. I have had orders in the past for therapeutic phlebotomy. Problem is my old order has expired from my old clinic who is no longer in business. I’ve tried over and again to get my new clinic to send an order over but for the life of them they can’t get it right.

    I’m looking at switching to marek health and just having them monitor my health markers. I have more than enough test to where I really have no use for their trt script at this point.

    I’m going to keep running this protocol for a while as long as I keep my health markers in check.

    As far as goals, mine has been fat loss. I’ve been at 1900 cals for the past 6 weeks and gone from 213 to 200lbs. When I first started the blast I was trying more for a recomp but I felt my efforts were better put towards just cutting as much fat as possible. I’m going to try to get to 190lbd then try out some mk677 and sermorelin/ ghrp2/6 blend I have.

    I’m saving the good stuff for when I can benifit from it better. That’s why I’m screwing around with sarms . Just curious how they compare to the real stuff I’ve used in the past.

    Overall I was really happy with the lipid improvement. Not sure if it’s due to the statin at night or the GW or both but I’ll take it since hypercholestereima runs in my family.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

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