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    Hey so my hips and upper legs are cramping up everytime I lay down to bench and It's ruininh my ability to train chest lol

    Anyone have this? Is it a hydration thing or what? In on cycle running 700 test e 600 eq +25mg adrol pre-workout

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    It’s your blood being too thick. All steroids cause this, but especially EQ. You can take magnesium daily to help alleviate some of the cramping but it won’t go away until you get off cycle for a while and/or donate blood.

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    How long have you been on the current cycle including the 25MG Anadrol ?

    I only get muscle cramps are when I coming back from a long layoff from lifting, say 2 weeks off.

    I sometimes get foot cramps on Clen .

    Tried Taurine, it did not help one bit.

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