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Thread: Adding MK 677 and MK 2866 to a cycle

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    Adding MK 677 and MK 2866 to a cycle

    I have some MK 677 and Mk 2866 (ostarine) and was going to take during a break, however; I read that adding to a cycle would be effective. Is it really value added? Currently on 500 Test E and Eq with a Dbol kick start.

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    I've used both. On cycle and off.

    In my personal opinion. Which dosn't mean much.

    I prefer to use SARMs and SARM like compound's as a bridge between cycles. They will get drowned out by the much superior anabolic injectable compound's.

    Except for maybe the MK677. Being a GH Secretagogue. That will be doing a different job all together.... IF you can control your hunger. But looking at your planned cycle. You seem to be entering a bulk. So in this case. The hunger might be welcomed.

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    Are you blasting and cruising or cycling ?

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    Some sarms are liver toxic, keep that in mind if running concurrently with DboL

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    If you’re bridging cycles what you need to realize is that you’re taking suppressive compounds (sarms ) while trying to recover from suppression from the other suppressive compounds (anabolic steroids ) you were taking. (If you’re cycling not blasting and cruising)

    If you’re blasting and cruising have at it but honestly you won’t notice much. I’m on 30+ mg of ostra a day and it’s really not mind blowing. Just get your blood work done often and keep everything in Check.

    If your me cycling. You can play with mk677 or GW in between cycles. Not technically sarms they are good compounds. GW has helped my lipids beyond my belief. Very impressed.

    But main point. If you’re coming off a cycle you what the start up your natural test production again. Sarms will do the opposite of that.
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