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Thread: Lump on delt??

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    Lump on delt??

    So I started my First cycle a week ago pinned a low dose in my right delt half a cc just to make sure I wouldn’t have no reactions to the oil base or anything have a little bit of pip but what’s really worrying me is I just noticed I have a hard knot/lump Right beside my injection spot it’s not really visible to the eye but you definitely feel it, I’m not having any infection Symptoms I feel absolutely fine the pip has even went down a lot it’s been 5 days since I pinned and there’s a knot it’s kinda freaking me out I know I’m being overly paranoid. Has anyone else had this experience? or any idea why I have a lump? Maybe my body is rejecting it ? The injection site has no redness or discoloring. Someone close to me works at a vet clinic they have a lot of 25 g 5/8 needles On hand so I just pinned with that I’m very low in body fat so I’m almost positive it went intra muscular
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    It'll go away on it's own. I have had many lumps in my delts from injecting, mostly painful. You're lucky yours is not painful and you can still use your arm. Unless it starts turning weird colors or you get a mild fever, you should be fine. Half a CC is not peanuts when it comes to injecting a foreign substance into your body. There will always be some seeping of oil from the muscle into the subdermal tissue. Give it a couple of weeks and it should be completely gone.

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