Just wondering what peoples personal experience is with this. For years I only ran ‘hair safe’ compounds like moderate dose test, Anavar , tbol, deca , Superdrol EQ etc …….but around 5 years ago I bit the bullet and started branching out with the more risky compounds like tren , masteron and primo (didn’t have the courage to try winstrol !). Surprisingly I seemed ok on tren but Masteron made my hair noticeably thinner without actually falling out (it thickened back up after I stopped the masteron)! Primo however actually made my hair physically fall out and I could see it on the floor on the shower and in my hands etc. this surprised me as I thought out the 3 of them primo would have been the least detrimental. I ended up stopping the primo after 1 month!

Now fast forward to last year, I decided to give primo another run because I was planning to have a hair transplant to restore my hairline anyway so thought why not! Anyway, this time I ended up being on primo for 6 months with no issues at all! Started on 200mg and slowly ramped up to 600mg and then back down again (blast and cruise). I used 3 different labs primo and I felt amazing on the stuff with no hairloss!!!

This whole thing obviously confused me and I’m currently sitting here 2 months after my HT wondering what gear I will use in the future!!! My favourite cycle ever was with low dose test primo and dbol (felt like a god mood wise!).

I’m interested in other peoples experiences with the compound in this regard. I’m wondering whether the hair loss from the 1st run on primo could of been because maybe the primo wasn’t primo and was something else (I doubt this as I was using a very reputable lab). Or maybe I was experiencing some after effects of coming off tren and masteron which I had not long discontinued at the time.