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    High Progesterone. Advanced Responders only please

    This is an advanced question so please do not respond unless you are educated on all aspects of this situation.

    I have been cycling for years with various compounds. I have been on TRT through my doctor between cycles now for about 10 years. As time goes on I have noticed gyno becoming more of an issue.

    My lh and fsh are of course near zero after this many years. We have done extensive bloodwork looking for any cause of this gyno and have dialed in estrogen levels, estrogen levels, everything. The only outlier is a high progesterone level. (This particular labs values show to be .18 or less and I'm consistently .48-ish so almost 3 times the upper normal.

    My doctor is uneducated as far as "progesterone blockers" are concerned and the only one I know of is RU-486 aka the abortion pill in like a 600mg dose which they are uncomfortable prescribing. This issue is present both on cycle and even at trt dosages.

    I am not only concerned with the physical side effects of gyno but also the fatigue, water retention and other side effects this is causing.

    If you have experience or direct knowledge of something that can successfully reduce progesterone in a more controlled manor than RU-486 to a normal level please do comment. I have tried dietary changes and such already, and remember we are controlling and monitoring all estrogen successfully.

    Thank you.

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    Same spot as you mate. Nothing helps that a doctor would put his name on. Zero knowledge in this area in the public.

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