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Thread: Possible Abcess?

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    Possible Abcess?

    So Ive been having lump/pip issues with my latest batch of Test Cypionate . It came in thicker than usual. My clinic said to change to a 23ga 1 needle, since I was using a 5/8 25ga. No issues in the past until now with the thicker solution. I did 2 shots in the glutes with 9 day lumps. Now on the 3rd shot in the quads I have the same pain issues but some swelling about 2 lower than the injection site. Ive been watching it for the past 2 days, and it seems better when I get up, but when I start walking the pain and swelling return. Im wondering if I hit in between the muscle & fat, or may this be as far as a possible abscess. Im pretty good about being sterile every time.
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    Occasionally, I have issues with quad injections. If the area isn't excessively warm or have red streaks around the injection site, I would try warm compresses. It does look like the area below the injection is knotted up.

    Maybe the compounding lab used a different carrier oil that doesn't agree with you. I would definitely let your HRT clinic know that it has given you grief for the last injections.

    One other thing you might try is running hot water over the vial prior to injection. If they have changed to a thicker oil like castor oil, a hot water bath may help thin it out a tad
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    Agree 100% ^^^^

    Moving forward definitely warm your gear under hot water.

    Leave the bump alone and I would ice it as well, don’t poke or push at it and watch for signs of redness and if it gets hot. I wouldn’t squeeze it either unless you see a
    Prominent whitehead. Treat it systematically with an antibiotic at all costs, otherwise (if it is an abscess), they’ll have to cut it out. Just looks swollen from the pics, hopping you’ll avoid one
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    When I injected the upper part of my quad, I’d often get pip a little above the knee. Weird phenomenon.

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    I've had worse. Honestly, just stop fvuking with it. Elevate and ice it as needed. If you're not fevering or feeling sick odds are you're fine and it'll go away in a few days. If it gets larger, starts getting hot to the touch or overly red in the area around it, then you'll just have to go to the ER. Tell them you were injecting vitamin B12.

    Next time, avoid the quads.

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