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    Question My deca Ruined??

    Hey got some deca from Egypt and it took a longgg time to get here, was in the mail (express mail) for 4-5 weeks before it got here!

    Im woundering could it be ruined if for example it got too warm on the way? It was sent from far in the south of Egypt so it probably diddent have decent care on the way to Cairo for forwarding.

    So my question, it could be ruined right?

    Any way to test this (it LOOKS fine) ?

    If i cant test it can i inject it safely without hurting myself or causing any problems? IF its ruined will i just pee it out or whatever?

    Thanx alot!!

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    It's fine. Molecular structure wouldn't be effected from small temp changes.
    Continued storage of products in exceptionally hot enviornments might cause potency degradation but in your case, I'd bet that isn't a facotr

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    more than likely it didn't stay hot long enough to affect it. I'm sure you're good to go. Good luck.

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