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Thread: Cycle help?

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    Cycle help?

    Tell me what you think-- this is all i have avalible to me so i've got to make due.
    Its my first cycle too. STATS 6'2"

    Week 1 dbol 25mg
    Week 2 dbol 25mg
    Week 3 dbol 25mg
    week 4 dbol 25mg
    Load creatine
    Week 5 dbol 25mg
    5g creatine
    Winstrol (dosage help?)
    clenbuterol 3 pills/d
    Week 6 Winstrol (?)
    creatine 5g
    clenbuterol 4 pills/d
    Week 7 Winstrol (?)
    creatine 5g
    clenbuterol 5 pills/d
    Week 8 Winstrol (?)
    creatine 5g
    clenbuterol 6 pills/d
    Week 9 clenbuterol 6 pills/d
    hopefully some clomid

    Alright guys tell me what you think. Thanx for the input

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    at 6-2 187 lbs i dont think that winny and clen would be a good thing at 5%bf,bro
    at those stats you should be looking to bulk up.
    theres no test in the boonies?

    i think with what you can get it wouldnt be benificial to fill up with water on the dbol and then shed it off with clen and winny.

    dont just take it just to do roids bro,that could be very dangerous.if you have any more questions or need some more help ,pm me and we can get it going the right way.

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    I personally don't like it. You are using 2/ 17aa orals for a cycle...I would add in some Test, Deca or Eq to that cycle and bulk up! Drop the and save it for post cycle as it's anti-catabolic effects will help you maintain your gains when used along side the Clomid. Shoot me an e-mail or PM and we will go over a plan to best suit your goals.


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