Hey guys, so I've run a few cycles in my time probably 6-7 never had crazy gyno issues or anything
I did have puberty gyno but no serious extra side effects, except for last year I was just on test e 500mg a week and had a crazy flair up with sore nipples, unfortunately my adex was fake and didn't help so I stopped the cycle and did pct.

Fast forward 4 months I got gyno surgery done which was December last year. I let my body recover
And started a trt dose of sustanon 250mg a week in late march all went well no issues, did a small blast of 500mg sust and 200mg tren ace for 1.5 months over may and into June, then back to 250mg of sust a week, I'm now noticing out of the blue my right nipple being extremely sore if I press into it and slightly puffy, I can't tell if there's a lump there or not or scar tissue from surgery (both entire glands removed), left one is a little tender but not bad. I'm only pinning the sust once a week which I'm now going to change to 250 split into two pins a week and have now started 20mg nolva ED and 12.5mg aromasin ED

Is this rather unheard of?