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Thread: Nolva help

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    Nolva help

    Ok guys, to help fight the gyno like symptoms that popped up last week I've een taking bromo and b6 and 20mg of nolva (didn't have much on hand) anyways I just had more nolva mailed to me today and now I need to take 80mg a day until sympyoms subside, but can I take all 80mg at once or do I need to space it out throughout the day?

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    Yes you can take them all at once. I read that the half-life of Nolva is around 5 to 7 days.

    There were a bunch of other sites that had the same info as that one did about the half-life of nolva.

    Good luck bro

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    I would space them out and I think 60mg would be fine for a dosage untill symtoms subside

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    I was taking 60mg a day but still had the tenderness so i bumped it up to 80mg a day and its much better. Ive read some guys have to take up to 120mg day!!!.......Hitman

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