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    I am 6'1", 200 lbs. and am looking to gain weight as well as cut. I was thinking about stacking sustanon and winstrol with clomid. Is this a good stack? If so, what would be a good cycle and would I need anything else? Thanks

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    "Looking to gain weight and cut"...Wanna get jacked and ripped huh? Don't we all, it just ain't as easy as sticking a few needles and're 25 heavier at 6%. Unless you have genetics of that of a top amateur, or pro is REALLY almost impossible without the use of crazy ass cycles to do exactly that.

    What I would suggest if deciding which is more important to you...:Looking ripped and veiny, or huge and full of muscle?

    For a bulker...I would suggest

    Week 1-10: Test 400-500mg/wk(Any form: Sust, enanth, cyp...etc) and EQ 400mg wk.

    For a cutter...I would suggest

    Week1-12: EQ 400 mg/wk
    Week1-4: 50mg winny ed
    Wk10-14: 50mg winny ed

    Make a decision and come back and tell us. Once we know that we can help you A LOT more. Remember diet must be down like a f*ckin clown or either cycle will suffer.

    I like looking cut and veiny year round so I don't gain more than 10ish a cycle...I like to use mild steroids to improve lbm without increasing bf. Good luck! and let us know.


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