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Thread: Gyno question

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    Gyno question

    Hey guys... Just started my first cycle yesterday. I think just knowing I did it makes me feel pumped. Doing Sust 250 every 4 days x 10 wks. And if all goes well, will add Winny 50mgED wks 8-12.

    Anyway, I have Nolva on order, but it will be a week or so before I get it. Any info on how soon gyno usually happens if it does? Also, when to expect other side effects like acne, etc.

    Am eating clean and cleaning back and face consistently. Other areas I shud pay attention to as far as common acne locations? I am not typically prone to breaking out, but trying to be proactive.

    Any info about timing of side effects, etc. is appreciated.

    31, 5'9, 160, 32w, 43c and have an appt to measure the rest and bf tomorrow so will keep you updated.

    Great site and thanks for all the info. Feels better going into this informed.

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    You may never get gyno and it depends on the person. Everyone reacts diferently...... Some get acne others will not.

    You also need to be proactive with sides and not wait for them to show up...... next time you should have your anti-e's in hand and not in the mail..... What if you never get the nolva and you start to show signs of gyno?

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    i agree with mud man. gotta get all your shit before you start. second, you say you are running sus. every 4 days. sus. should be ran EOD. third, everyone is different with acne. some breakout on their forearms, legs, ass, etc. Watch for acne.

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