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    Just did the last shot of my 1st cycle!!!!!!!!.....>

    And boy was it a bleeder!!!! All the way down to the floor before I could get the prep open...this isnt the 1st time I have had blood, but for sure the most! If I would have seen that on my 1st shot, I would have rethought my descision...but not for

    I ended up getting a little over 17 1cc shots from two bottles of QV Test E 250...goodbye Vet gear....hello Upjohn, in 2-3 months.
    I have to say I'm kinda glad this batch may have been underdosed...I got a good feel for how my body reacts to Test...I react very well...I have seen some amazing changes...

    I will weigh myself when I start my PCT, but I expect to end up around 218 or so.

    29 fucking pounds for my 1st cycle...using ONLY 350mg a week!

    There is no way in hell I could have done this without this board. I actually found it by accident, as I'm sure many of us had.

    Thanks to all that have helped and encouraged me through the way....
    If I get half this much from each of the rest of my cycles, I will die a happy man.

    Thanks again guys and gals!


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    Dent it sounds like you had a good first cycle. congradulations.

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    Make sure your after-cycle is done properly! Preferably nolvadex , else clomid.


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