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    winstrol 4 wks out.. or wait longer

    hey im about 10.5% bf and im plannin to get to as low as possible (6-8) so iv been on prop for 10 wks so far plannin to run another 4 wks hopin to reach my goal... ( i started at 20%bf)

    i switched to suspension after 8 wks and now im takin clen an susp..

    do u think i should start winstrol now or wait?? reason i ask this is because i heard winny works good when u are low in bf... what do u think??

    btw i only have 250 pills ( british drag.) 8 pills ed ( 40mg) sounds good??

    any other sujestion to loss that last layer of fat on the mid ssection?? would t3 be a bad idea?? i already used it at the beggin on f this cycle for 6-7 wks...

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    winny is best for low body fat, but i use it when i cut from the start along with 700 mg test/ew to help preserve msucle mass, i use winyn and prop at 100 mg/ed injected (ouch). so eventually i lean out, but i start out fat. but ur bf is pretty low so go ahead. the british drag pills are the best !

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    I'd just make sure to run the Winny and Test so they clear you system at the same time before your PCT begins. Therefore, your levels will stay pretty even.


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    so that would be end test three days before you end winny, PCT start 12 hours after last admin of winny.

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