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    Give me some advice on my 2nd cycle please

    I posted a few days ago about this, but I only got one or two responses. After a long time of planning I decided this will be the cycle I want to run. Tell me what yall think of my 2nd cycle, it will be a cutting cycle:

    QV Test Prop weeks 1-11 100mg EOD
    QV EQ weeks 1-10 400mg per week
    QV Tren weeks 7-12 75mg EOD
    QV Winny weeks 7-12 50mg ED

    So, what yall think bros? Looks good or what? IMO, I think it will be a KICK ASS cycle with some very good gains, but I wanted some of yall veterans to tell me what yall think. Thanks bros.

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    IMO I would extend the prop for 12wks and start your tren wk6 @ min. 100mg/EOD

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