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    Angry I need help

    Hi i have just signed on to this forum so im not sure if im posting this in the correct place, but non the less here goes.

    I have been training for about 9 to 10 months now, i have been on three courses of juice so far -1st was 8 amps of sust 250 ,10 mls of equipoise , 200 dinabol tabs and 10 mls winny.

    2nd course was 10 amps sust 250, 10 mls deca 100 and 30 anapolin.

    3rd course which i have just come off was 10 mls test 100 ,10 amps sust 250 , 10 mls deca 300 and once again 200 dinabol tabs.

    I am not happy with my results i have only put on 14kg's since i started training but i have been on a shit load of juice. I eat pretty well mainly chicken, and carbs, and i have a protien shake 3 times a day.

    What am i doing wrong, i thought i woulda been much bigger by now

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    Well dude......approx 30 pound weight gain is pretty good.....U could be possibly overtraining or your "gear" may not be as good as what u think it is....Personally....14 KG muscle gain in 1 year is pretty dam good......

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    ill tell u what u are doing wrong. u havent been training naturally long enough without the juice.

    did u started using juice when u started training ? if u did then 30 lbs isnt actually much. most begginers who start training properly put that much weight on in 1 year anyways. 30 lbs if still good, but i think u could have done it without the juice. if u got on some good creatine + protein and where carbing up, u would have added practically that much weight. u turn to steroids too quickly before trying on ur own imho. in 1 cycle me and a ton of guys i know put on about 25 lbs, but we have been training naturally for 4+ years ! thats all u did wrong. for trianing 10 months bro u did too many cycles. it could have also been ur diet !

    for juice to be effective u need to plateau naturally first. i think u should train naturally for the next year, if u can. thats all bro !

    good luck in future !

    btw brother, how old r u ?

    regards !
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