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Thread: gundam675 ?

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    gundam675 ?

    thanks for the response on endo diet.....just curious what are your stats ....BF hour of cardio a day and 4000 cal .....i will give it a try ....i am willing to sacrfice 1-2BF % increase that is it.....waht kind of results do you see being a endo....i have no trouble gaining mass if i want just dont want fat...thanks bro

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    we do have a Private Message Feature you might want to check out.

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    being half-endo half-meso ish sux ass. i can add muscle easy but fat comes just as easy. so i run very ruff cutting cycles! if i were u i would run the cardio in morning, cause us endos are easy fat gainers. right now im sitting at 10%, down from 20% so i am lean, but bro it is fkin hard to stay here ! i can see all six abs, and that is virtually unheard of in a endo. u can do it !

    oh and PM me next time !

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