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Thread: GHRP vs. HGH?

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    GHRP vs. HGH?

    I was asking a source about HGH, and he mentioned ** makes something called GHRP or Growth Hormone Releaser Peptide. It comes in the same 126IUs as HGH but costs 1/10 the price. He says that it isn't quite as effective as HGH, but it is almost the same thing since it causes a large release of natural HGH.

    Does anyone know if this stuff is crap or if it actually works. If HGH is better (which I am assuming it is), is it 10x better? (to make up for the price difference?)

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    It does not come in injectable iu's its a sublingual tab. Said to work fairly well but you will need to take about 4-5 of them to get anything like a low dose of real GH.

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    It comes in tabs, then? hmmmmmm..... If my source is insisting that it comes injectible, is he full of shi*?

    Also, lets say I take 5 tabs a day, do I still need to take it like GH? 5 days on, 2 off? And about what dosage of GH does that come to? Or should I just save my money for a year and do the real thing next summer and just use regular AS this year (as it is much cheaper)?

    I am pretty confused!

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    as far as I know its not in an injectable form - the US version is GHRP-6 not 2 like chinaman's. It is unlikely to need to be taken 5/2

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