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    Injecting through a vein, no problem?

    Just did another injection, aspirated but I felt a little pinch about 1/4" in. Then lots of blood after the 1" injection. Pretty sure I just passed through a vein. No problem? Just a little bloody?
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    i had a little bloody experrience happen to me 2x. but never during the injection only after pulling it out. one time in rear delt, then in lower tri's. everything was fine, when i pulled the needle outa me is when some noticeable ammount of blood trickled down i got scared the first time, it didnt hurt or anything but i called a RN friend of mine, who also uses the stuff, said i prolly sliced or went through a small vein on the way to the muscle. he said that if i went deep enough by the time i pulled the needle out it would close and not enter the opened vein. he also said that the time it too me to call him and the ammount of time we talked if it was serious i would have known by then awww well, im not expert but you should be fine. i think if you inject in a vein shortly after you start coughing badly and it doesnt turn into a pretty sight from then on and nothing happened to you so thats good

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    Sometimes as you pass through a vein you will feel a little nip but as long as there is no blood in the syringe when you aspirate you,ll be ok.It is not that uncommon for blood to be found after the injection even if you do pass through a vein the needle is then filling that void so it will only bleed after the jab

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    yea once in awhile i go through a vein and when i pull out ..blood starts pooring down my ass....but i can usually tell if i go through a stings a lil bit...but when i aspirate nothing comes i usually inject it anyways

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