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    Tren E cycle question

    Hello all. I am not new to the use of AAS's but I do have a question about Tren E. I've ran tren a in the past multiple times but most recently in the past couple years with my TRT dose of 150mg test E/weekly. I normally run tren a pretty low around 200-250 and get great results so I don't see the need to go higher. My regular source only has Tren E from now so I want to give that a go. Will the sides be any different between 200mg of tren a and 200mg of tren E? I just don't want to get 4 weeks in and have to wait 3 weeks for them to go away if it happens. Also I get little to no sides from tren A at the doses i run (200-250/week). Any help would be appreciated.
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