Hey everybody, I have been debating about starting my first cycle recently. I would want this first cycle to be injectable and after much research and self-growth, I think I want to start with a relatively small cycle, 250-300mg a week of Test-E (favoring this one) or Test-C with Nolvadex or Clomid for a PCT. I also want to get an AI, Arimidex . Since this is my first cycle, if 250-300 can be considered a cycle, I want to go relatively small to see how my body reacts to the substances. I plan on obtaining blood work prior to obtaining the anabolics and throughout of cycle.

I have read the thread regarding first cycles and it has me with a couple of questions. They suggest to run Clomid and Nolvadex as a PCT, but why would both be used? This may be because the original thread suggested to run about double the test I want to do. The thread also gives a protocol for the PCTs, but every individual is different and unique, is there a formula or an equation that can lay out the amounts needed depending on current blood levels or amount of anabolic being used?

When it comes to HCG , how major is this and what is some important information on it? I have read a couple of threads and I can't grasp the idea on it. Many people on threads mention that it is important, but how does this exactly differ from a PCT? A PCT helps balance the elevated levels while HCG allows it to restart natural production?

"Yes, even on injectable cycles. For that I recommend 600 mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) daily. "
This quote is from the thread regarding a first cycle. I understand that the liver is a valuable organ, but with a first cycle I am worried about introducing too many chemicals and supplements. How viable would this be for me at such a low dose, or is it advantageous for all users regardless of amount used?

With all of that being said, here Is a bit of background information that I feel may be important to know. I am currently a graduate student studying sports medicine, Athletic training. This gives a an abundance of knowledge in exercise and how to properly apply the body during load. I have been lifting on and off for about 11 years. While in College I was a D1 cheerleader and trained gymnastics all of my life. With that, I have torn both of my achilles and slightly worry if these old injuries, 2017 and 2021, will have a negative effect on my tendinous junctions. With being a future athletic trainer, I have a small thought that a cycle may not be the best for me since I am around collegiate and high school level athletes constantly. I do not want to give off the idea that this is something anybody and everybody should get into and would potentially like to be relatively low-key about it all. Since I graduated undgrad, I stoped working out for a few months, but picked it back up heavy this past July, so about 1 year to date. Since I started this research and idea of cycling, I have also been focusing harder on my diet to ensure I can do all the other steps correctly prior to a cycle.

I have been lifting 6 days a week while eating roughly 3000 calories each day cleanly. I try to avoid added sugars and high fats, but nobody is perfect. I have started my summer job so the dieting will be a bit lax now, but I plan to keep it pretty tight while I can. With lifting I do a rather weird split, but it works for me at least for now. This split runs through the exercises and resumes where I left off the previous week. I did this split because I could not find a good split to have proper focus on shoulders and legs. With the intensity I lift at, It was very hard to do shoulders or legs with anything else because I feel as if whichever group would be worked on with those would not get the work needed to properly grow.

Monday- Chest/Tri
Tuesday- Back/Bi
Wednesday- Shoulders
Thursday- Legs
Friday- Chest/Tri
Saturday- Back/Bi
Sunday- Rest

Monday- Shoulders
Tuesday- Legs
Wednesday- Chest/tri
Thursday- Back/bi
Friday- Shoulders
Saturday- Legs
Sunday- Rest

Every MWF I do 15min of cardio at 11 incline 3.5 speed and every T,Th,Sat I do abs

In regards to my lifestyle, does anyone know if chronic marijuana use not so chronic tobacco use will have a negative affect on the anabolics?

I believe this is everything that concerns me, so all and any help or points in the right direction would be awesome! Currently, I am sitting around 195-198lbs. I would think I am at 13-17% body fat, but I have not been tested in a while. Since I have been on the surplus I have stayed lean, but bulked up. Here are some images to show the progress of the last year.

These pictures are from last week
Starting cycle-bc25674c-24e3-48e6-8166-a9d8009aa351_1_201_a.jpegStarting cycle-77015afd-7c32-4122-bcba-59ff86a8596d_1_201_a.jpegStarting cycle-a0d9ae1a-45d8-458d-9946-a18553c25b48_1_102_o.jpeg

This picture is last April 2022Starting cycle-img_0510.jpg

This picture is July 2022Starting cycle-img_0511.jpg

My apologies for the crappy posing, lol I am still trying to figure that out.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Once again, I really appreciate any help and knowledge.