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    Way Uncommon Pain W/every Inject

    OK, im on RT gear t-eth at 400mg ew one shot a week. The 1st was so bad, took 9 days to heal, couldnt sit, red as hell, swolen and hard! OK, 2nd shot, 1/2cc in each cheek, same shit! 3rd shot i decide to break it down to 1/4 shot in each quad, and 1/4 in each rear delt. I cant friggen walk or move my arms. Ive done Q.V. deca , t-eth, prop, dbol & winny with no pain. I use all the techniques behind injecting! The gear is legit cause im hornier than a jack rabbit, gained 5 pounds, feel & look better!
    SO, how do i get the BA content down?? Can i boil the gear over a few times?? Anyone know any tricks, maybe dilute it in some usp oil??
    Any input on this would be great since i cant bend my legs right now and i shot em on saturday!!

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    Hey man...try doing your inject really slowly...i know it's a bitch..but I found this works at dissapating some of the least in my case...

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    you can mix it with another steroid to help ease the pain. like eq or deca . but that doesn't help if your running a test only cycle huh?

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