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    Bruise on injection sight.

    I recently di my second shot of test. I sucked the syring in a little to check for blood. There was none but immediatly after I injected I got a bad blood bruise the size of a dime. What should I do and What did I do. I have done a cylce before and never had this happen. Any info would be appreciated.

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    prolyl injected to fast. its just an abcess! it will go away soon. dont complain i injected prop yesterday in a rush cause i was late and today the injection site is the size of a baseball. im not kidding! it is the size of an actual baseball dude !

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    Its also likely that you went through a vein. Even though you didnt inject into one, you couldve passed through one on the way in, then when you pulled out you got alittle minor internal bleeding. Shouldn't be anything to worry about unless it doesnt start to go away.

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    You just stabbed yourself with a hollow metal tube, a little internal bleeding to be expected - especially if you have a veiny ass like me.

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    Your fine bro. It happens, and will happen again. No worry, get use to it.

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