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    Need some advice about my current first cycle?

    I am currently on my first cycle. I am taking 500mg per week of QV enanthate and 300mg per week of QV deca 300. I just started on my fourth week and I have put on about 13-14 pounds, it is going great. I am injecting 3cc a week, consisting of two shots per week, one on mon and one on thurs. Each shot I take on mon and thurs is 1 and 1/2cc, consisting of 1cc of test (250mg) and 1/2cc of deca (150mg), gving me 500mg of test and 300mg of deca per week. My questions is, I was thinking about switching it up and doing all the test on mon, 2cc (500mg), and all the deca on thurs, 1cc (300mg), would this be more effective tham mixing them both and taking them together twice per week? Just something I was curious about. Thanks bros.

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    No..keep doing it the way your doing it.
    Plus the deca is easing the pain from the enth shots.

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    because of the long half-lives of test enth and deca , you will not notice a difference the injection combinations you listed

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