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Thread: Cyp and Enth

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    Cyp and Enth

    My buddy ordered from 2 sources and accidently ordered one 10ml bottle of Test Enth 250mg from one and one 10ml bottle of Test Cyp 200mg from the other. He had planned on taking one 1ml shot of test twice a week. Now he's wondering if he should do one shot of 1ml of each Test per week or do the one until it runs out and then switch to the other....thoughts suggestions etc....


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    Test is basically Test. These two esters are both longer acting esters, when compared to the likes of Test prop or Test Suspension. He could run them in that manner or save $$ and hit a real cycle. However, Tets should be cycled with something to round out the cycle in the first this his first? What is his age, plans, etc?

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    Tell him to shoot a cc of each per wk. He doesn't want to go from a 400mg to 500mg or vice versa.

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