Hello everyone, used to use this forum 8+ years ago, made a new account a few years ago for some advice and took it onboard/came back as per the advice timeline.

Long story short, I ended up being pressed for time, my cycle will end 1 day before I leave on holidays. (Just didn't realise how long it takes to get a blood test.)

Anyways, since test e is a long ester, would a blood test 1 week into the cycle be the same as pre bloods, ie, a blood test 1-2 weeks prior to the cycle? I wouldn't have thought test e would've changed my blood markers all that much/if at all in 1 week?

If I try to pin a week later/after I have my blood test, my last week of pinning would be long into my holiday which is impossible for me.


Also, was surprised to find that my last post on here from earlier this year is still on the front page?! Would've thought it would be on page 50+ by now, what happened to this forum?