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    More Or Less Gear Inorder To Maintain Lean Mass While Dieting?

    Should I take less or more mls of gear while trying to maintain my muscle gains while dieting down?

    I'm not asking about using more or less inorder to get cut, I'm asking should I take more or less steroids inorder to maintain most of lean muscle gains while reducing my caloric intake?

    Just not real sure!

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    If the diet is not extreme (like for cutting), but only some maintenance, you won't need as much AAS. With post-cycle clomid, proper diet, training, etc, you could do it naturally (perhaps).


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    gear while cutting

    You shouldn't need anything drastic. I maintained all my size while cutting this summer using 600mg EQ/week, 500mg Prop/week and 50mg Winny/day for the last six weeks (still in progress).

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    Hey Slyder im gonna be doin pretty much the same thinghere soon with t3/clen in are youre results so far.

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    I have used a stack of 300mg of EQ and 300mg of Test E per week along with 12.5mcg of t3per day for the to summers and managed to get down to 6% bf while adding a couple of lbs of muscle.

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    I tend to leave advice such as this to the anabloic mods however I think they would agree that more is not always neccesarlly the answer. The question here is how much more and of what that is the question. You really have left the ball hanging in mid air as far as recieving advice is concerned. If it were me, based on what I know of this situtation, I would just give your body a little more time. Fininsh what ever syle you are presently doing, following with post cycle therapy ect, give your body a addequate enough time to rest up and re -think any futre cycles with a liitle more insight as to what your overall goals are. No use it shooting the ol' liver to hell this early in the game.

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