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    Hcg Necessary Or Not?

    I have been on a long cycle of about 5 months using Anadrol and sus for 8 weeks then winny & tren for 8 weeks. Now I'm on dbol and deca for 6-8 weeks. I have clomid and clenbuterol for the post cycle. However I find alot of contradictory info on HCG on the web. Some say it is a must, others say its a junk. Any info would be appreciated since I haven't any experience with this product.

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    I think it would be a good idea to run it on that length of a cycle

    YOur looking at 24wks there
    It would of been best to run 500iu's every Mon/Tues from wk 10-22 but since you have eight weeks left, I'd go with the same administration up untill a week before clomid.

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    I agree with Pheedno. 24 weeks is a pretty good clip, I'd definitely say HCG is a necessity.


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    Yes! Chances are you are pretty well shut down to a good degree. Using it could mean the difference between a faster recovery and keeping gains or a longer recovery and losing gains. Do a search on use, as we have covered this plenty.

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