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    Needle Heist Gone Wrong!

    So I'm at work and I'm snooping through the drawers because I'm bored as shit as usual. Anyways I find two boxes of needles....One is 25g 1" and the other is full of 23g 1". So I get all excited and snag a handful of each. As I put them in my car I notice extra writing that I didn't see before. It says "retractable needles". So these things retract when the plunger reaches the end which I really didn't want because I like keeping the needle in for awhile then pulling the needle out slowly so I don't lose much. So now I'm stuck with them. Can I use them or should I just use them to draw my gear out? Also can a 1" needle be used for thigh injects?

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    don't use them. You can order them for next to nothing.

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