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Thread: gettin ready

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    gettin ready

    Will be taking my first cycle soon and basing it on a lot of what ya'll have told me. I realize it sounds like kind've a weak cycle, but keep in mind, my goal is mostly to get cut and gain 10lbs lean mass.
    wk1 250mg sus,
    wk2 250mg sus, clen
    wk3 250mg sus, clen, oral winny (50mg/day)
    wk4 250mg sus, oral winny
    wk5 250mg sus, oral winny,
    wk6 250mg sus, clen, oral winny, clomid
    wk7 clen, oral winny, clomid

    As usual, being a big time novice, any advice is appreciated, even if you wanna just tell me this cycle sucks. Also, would there be any need whatsoever for an anti E (other than Clomid, which I realize is weak)? How exactly would I frontload?
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    I don't think your gonna gain 10lbs on that cycle bro?

    I would up the sus to 500mgs/week, and add some d-bol for weeks 1-4 to jump start your gains, because the sus is gonna take 4-5 weeks to kick in. If you front load then it will only take 2-3 weeks to kick in.keep nolva on hand with this cycle, but won't
    need it if you choose to run the cycle you have laid out .IMO it
    will be a waist of gear and I don't think you'll be completely satisfied with your current cycle.

    What will your eating be like? are you doing cardio too?

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    You could very easily gain 10lbs on that cycle....I would throw in some arimidex for the androgen sides though....It's very low dosed but If it's your first cycle you dont have to have 500mgs a week to gain.

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