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    can't decide my first cycle - plz help

    hi bros. I'm planning my first cycle but can't really decide from these

    all 8 weeks long (post meds after)

    test enh - 500mg
    deca - 400 mg
    dbol - 30mg (for kickstart) week 1-4
    (is this stack too much for 1st timer?)

    sust 500 mg
    deca or eq 400mg/300mg
    dbol 30mg (for kickstart)

    3: (safer)
    test enh -400 mg
    EQ - 200mg
    winny (for kickstart) 40mg week 1-4

    4: (safer)
    Parabolan 200 mg
    EQ 300 mg
    winny (for kickstart) 40 mg week 1-4

    I need some advices, and what is best of these (any other good stacks for novices) ? plz comment doses and stacks.

    I'm looking for a safe cycle which will give me lean and good mass

    20 years old
    181 cm tall
    182 lbs
    12% bf
    trained naturally for 3 years

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    I just finished a test and eq cycle and had alot of lean mass gains but IMO eq should be run for longer than 8 weeks

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    I agree with Neva EQ should be run for 12 weeks IMO, at 8 weeks it's just kicking in.

    At 20 are you sure you've reached your natural potential ?


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    Stack 1 or 2 would be good. But u need to up it to at least 10 weeks preferably 12-15 weeks. Although if u r set on doing a 8 week cycle I'd say use the sustanon cuz that has short and long acting tests in it and will kick in quicker than enanthate or cypionate . Oh yeah and the Dbol is that 30mg/week or day? It should be 30 mgs/day.
    Good luck bro.

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