I have made a few decisions and realizations about my fall cycle which was originally:
Weeks 1-10 test cyp at 700mg (QV)- 1.2cc's MWF
Weeks 1-6 fina at 75mg EOD (homebrew)
Weeks 7-12 winny at 50mg ED (capped generic powder)
Weeks 1-15 femara at 2.5mg ED
Weeks 1-15 nolvadex at 10mg ED
Weeks 13-15 clomid at 300/100/50
Weeks 13-15 clen ramping up to 120mcg ED

Here are the changes that I've deemed neccessary:
This might get kinda long so please bear with me if you have a moment.

1. Fina will be left out because I have thought long and hard about how last time I used it I was so angry and pissed all the time and I dont think I can deal with that at school.

2. I will use var in its place, along with creatine, as my recent cutting cycle of prop/var then prop/winny was excellent.

3. Because I wont use dbol ever again (or drol) I will add prop at 100mg eod for the 1st 4 weeks as a kickstart.

4. I am thinking of running slin (humalog) at 10iu in the morning and post workout for the 1st 4 weeks. I am experienced with it and have used slin with great success. This will further be a kickstart before the cyp kicks in

5. Test will be run at 600 a week for 12 weeks instead of 700 for 10. This is so I can stay on till my finals are over, as I wouldnt want to be coming off while trying to study for those.

So in the end it will look like this:

Weeks 1-12 test cyp at 600mg EW (QV)
Weeks 1-7 var at 50 mg ED (capped generic powder)
Weeks 1-4 prop at 100 mg EOD (QV)
Weeks 1-4 slin at 10iu morning and postworkout (Humalog)
Weeks 8-14 winny at 50mg ED (capped generic powder)

Anti-es and PCT remain as above( keep in mind that I'm very gyno prone so thats why they will apear on the high side)

Any thoughts on my proposed changes?

Thankyou for your time for those who actually got through this whole post