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    need help on adding to cycle

    going to run just 200mg of deca a week for 10 weeks. i'm 21, 185 and about 6'2.
    i was thinking about taking a shot of sust once a week for about the first 3 weeks of my cycle to kind of kick start everything in my system. what do ya'll think of that. dball is not an option as is other orals. should i add the sust? is it a waste of money to do so or what should i do instead and how much of it. thanks.

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    I think you should do a cycle right and run:
    Week: 1-11 Test E (or sus) 500mgs
    Week 1-10 Deca 300mgs
    Clomid 2 weeks after the last shot of test.

    Don't be stupid and run your 1st cycle the wrong way...

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    but what would those 3 shots do (one shot a week of sust) at the same time i'm doing my deca . i know that would be 100% ideal. but its either going to be with the extra frontload of sust or just the straight deca...what do ya'll think?

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