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Thread: Winny cycle

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    Winny cycle

    OK... so i weigh around 185 pounds. I've got a descent ammount of muscle on me, although my body fat is pretty high. I've got a great deal on a cycle of winny. Will taking a 7 week cycle of winny help me rid the body fat? Is it worth trying?

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    I'd see what kind of BF you could loose with diet exercise and may Clen or T3 first them incorporate the Winny in a cycle.

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    No...... Winny will not lower your body fat enough to make a difference for you to see. Winny works well if your bf is low.

    I would look at what your eating, and your cardio, to see what you need to do to get your bf down before using winny. It will just be a waste of $$$ IMO

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    Winny will only serve to help protect muscle while your calories are lower and cardio is higher. I highly suggest adding test prop to this, but the winny will be better then dieting naturally. Your diet, cardio and fatburners must all be in check to really see some awesome results.

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    MM hit the nail on the head. Save the winny for when you get your bf% closer to 10% with the proper diet and cardio routine. Tthe best advice you can get right now is in AR's diet section. Tons of good diet plans and such over there...


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