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    cycle addition need help

    current cycle of test enanthate 750mg week 1-12/ 350 mg winny weeks 6-12.....with all proper pct on hand ......just got ahold of some EQ is it to late to run it weeks 7 -16 since eq needs about 10 weeks...suggestions please..thanks for the help bros

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    If this is your 1st cycle then I'd just wait and hold off until next cycle to throw in the Eq. And if you've already started Winny, then I feel you've definitely gone too far as to throw in something else.


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    Theres a couple good reasons not to add the EQ:

    1. If you run it to week 16, which is a minimum to feel its effectiveness, you wont be able to start clomid untill week 19 when it clears.

    2. This will be one hell of a long cycle that way, and I dont think you'll feel all that great while having no test in your system.

    3. The only possible way to do this effectively, though not necessarily safely, would be to get enough test to last untill week 17 (if cyp or enth) or 19 (if prop)

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