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    Exclamation Propionate vs Sust 250 place your bets? Opinions?

    Im trying to decide to do either Test Propionate or Sustanon 250. I will do either one EOD to have balanced blood levels. Im looking to get lean muscle gain.I have done a Sust 250 only cycle w/ little to no water retention. Im leaning a little more to doing Sust cause Ive taken it before,but Ive heard good things about Prop.

    1.I dont know what dosage to take Prop eod?
    2. If I did 50mg's ed...would 350mgs a week be sufficient?
    3. Which would be better to take....Sustanon or Prop?

    What do yall think about my cycle?
    EQ-500mg 1-10

    Sust 250-500 mg 1-10

    Winny- 50 mg ed 8-13

    Clenbuterol --(post cyle 8 weeks. 2 weeks on 2 off)

    Clomid 2 days after last winny injection

    Ok here are my stats:
    Im 5'6, 21 years old, 186 lbs, and 11% bf. Ive been training hard for 4 years.

    My goals are to:
    lose body fat %'s (Id like to get at 5%)
    I would also like to gain about 25 lbs of lean muscle.

    My diet:
    Consists of high protein,low carb. I've had a pretty clean diet my whole life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juststarting
    My goals are to:
    lose body fat %'s (Id like to get at 5%)
    I would also like to gain about 25 lbs of lean muscle.
    IMO i dont think that you can add 25lbs of lean muscle and drop bf%.

    1. Sust will add water weight to you unless you take liquidex or arimadex to supress the aromatization sust has.
    2. To lean out Prop IMO is good test. I'm on it now, and IMO i am very pleased with it.
    3. Increase the Prop dosage to 75mg ed would suit you just fine, but if you can get Prop cheap then 100ed would be ideal for good lean gains.
    4. To lose bf% and gain lbs, Tren seems to be the best candidate to incorporate into your stack, but IMO you may want to drop the winn.
    5. Possibly adding T3 to the mix may give your goals a more realistic attainment. (dropping bf%)

    6. While I do like your stack, I think your goals are a bit unrealistic and far fetched. Good Luck

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    You posted this question twice. You can go in and delete the other one.

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