You told me to do this stack:
Week 1-8
Deca 400mg wk
Eq 400 mg wk

Week 3-8
Winny 50mg day

Use clomid at the end.

My question is since i need to take a shot of the winny every day, should i use a smaller needle? Right now i use a 22 g 1 1/2 in and every time i take a shot, later that spot is sore. Should use a smaller needle. Can i mix all 3 of these toghether as 1 shot? If not , which can i mix to avoid a bunch of shots? How far do you stick the needle in? Maby i am sore because i put it all the way in. Lastly, use clomid at the end when and how much? I also have clen , shoud i use this?

I have been taking 400 mg of deca for about 4 weeks now and have gained about 10 lbs and have put another 40lbs to my bench! Unreal!!!

Thanks all, hope the weekend was sweet!!