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    Exclamation CHECK MY RT Cutting CYCLE

    1-8 Fina 50mg ED
    1-8 Winny 50mg ED
    1-8 50mg Test prop
    1-12 400mg EQ
    What do you guys think. Should this lean me out pretty good and also maybe help me matintain strength. Keep in mind money is an issue. Im a college student so money is not one of my things that i have enough of. But I will be using all RT Gear except for the Fina im gonna make my own on that. Research Tech gear is so greatly priced and its human grade is why i have decided to run all of the above. But please critque if anything u can think of. I would rather not use T3 and Clen if its not necessary. But my main concern is leaning down and cutting up but also keeping stregnth as much as possible is there anything u guys would throw in to make that happen. Maybe A-bombs im not sure.

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