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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    Im thinkin about goin on my first cycle and i was talking to one of my close friends whos on them and he said i should do a deca , d-bol, and test cycle. He said i shouldnt do winstrol because i will be eating strict and doing cardio, that way i keep nice lean hard muscle. Any imput into anyones oppionions would be appreciated.

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    it all depends on what ur trying to achieve if u want size test, d-bol, and deca would be a great cycle. but being this is ur first cycle i would stick w/ just the test and d-bol, u can pack on some good size w/ the two. i have never been interested in winny so i dontknow much about that ...sorry

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    Test 500mg every week 1-10
    dbol (not needed but if you insist on using it) 35mg ed weeks 1-4 split up through the day.

    liquidex .5mg ed or femera with nolva on hand and clomid for post cycle.

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