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    just got my gear

    ok here is what i got yesterday......20ml of 300mg deca ... 10ml of cyp....
    20ml of 200mg EQ... 25 amps of 50mg winny.....and HCG
    This is my 2nd cycle 1st cycle i did 400mg of Eq every week for 10 weeks and 6 weeks of winny....
    Im looking to put on Some size but mainly to stay nice and lean. And im prone to acne. I have done tons of research but it seems the more i research the more questions I have. Shhot some ideas at me on how to break all this up and maybe a few ways to run a couple cycles. I really appreciate any advice as I am kinda lost now.

    Stats: 5"10 180.....Low body fat not sure what % 29 yrs old

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    Get more test...

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    Between a bitch legs.......
    Quote Originally Posted by bdtr
    Get more test...
    I SECOND THAT.......

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