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    The Iron Game Guest


    Sorry I havent been able to do it before now but you know what its like

    **********Propionate *****Winstrol *****Primo****T3
    Week 01**100mgd eod****50mgs ed****500mgs**
    Week 02**100mgd eod****50mgs ed****400mgs**50mcgs ed
    Week 03**100mgd eod****50mgs ed****300mgs**75mcgs ed
    Week 04**100mgd eod****50mgs ed****300mgs*100mcgs ed
    Week 05**100mgd eod****50mgs ed****300mgs**75mcgs ed
    Week 06**100mgd eod****50mgs ed****300mgs**50mcgs ed
    Week 07**100mgd eod****50mgs ed****300mgs**25mcgs ed
    Week 08**100mgd eod****50mgs ed***********12.5mcgs ed
    Week 09***50mgs eod*******************

    Nolvadex 10mgs daily from the beginning
    Proviron 75mgs daily from the beginning


    6 meals a day and none of that weight gaining crap Try and keep as many of the meals whole foods and take in 400-500 calories for each meal. Total protein intake for each day is 300 grams. Ensure you stick to it each day every day for the entire cycle. Where you get the rest of the calories from is up to you but also try and limit fat intake to mainly healthy good fats.


    30-40 minutes of cardio 3 - 4 times a week

    1hr 15 minutes no more weight training 4-5 times a week. Try and split it up so that you train one major and one minor body part each session. By the end of the session you shouldnt have energy to do anything else.

    Use the main basic excercises, and dont let any excuses hold you back

    Bench Press
    Chin Ups
    Lat Pull down
    Military Press

    work with these basic excercises and only add to them, try not to substitute them with other easier less taxing excercises.

    Each large bodypart train for no more than 12 sets (between 9-12) and do 3-4 excercises for each bodypart. Each set to failure and keep between 4-12 reps.

    Cant really think of anything else right now but you know where to find me.


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    Very Nice IG!!! Is this your recipe? Or did you draw up for a friend. I will be running something very similar by Spring/Summer.


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    The Iron Game Guest
    Thanks Planetx, not for me im never using primo again Trying to help another board member out with a favour he asked.


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    Just read as to why you have the Primo "doldrums", my friend.
    Sorry to hear. I have not used primo in 2 years, I'm a primed!!!
    Those UK boys love their Virormone, don't they?? They have certainly sold me.


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    why arent u using primo again????

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    How much does he weigh? That is not very much in the way of calories. I eat more than that cutting.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    He is cutting 300 grams of protein is very sufficient to hold on to lean tissue along with the remaining carbs and fats. I dont know if you have seen his post on the members picture board or not.

    planetx, yep we love our prop over here its a shame the factory closed down and we are gonna see less and less from now on

    big N, hair loss and acne from it as well as a small tingling pain down below sometimes (prostate) is what conclusion I arrived at

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    Wink The man

    Cheers IG, and Merry XMAS. Your the man!

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    whoa IG, you've been busy....

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