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    Clen as an anticatabolic?

    I've read much on the properties of Clen , and am using it right now in my PCT to help cut. But one area that seems to draw very little comment is Clen's anticatabolic properties. This is understandable, I suppose, because Clen's primary use is that of a fat burner.

    I have been wondering, though, about Clen as an anticatabolic agent. I did see a post earlier that briefly mentioned this, but am looking for more specific information - or maybe a discussion on the subject. Most informational sources mention these effects of Clenbuterol , but because it is not a primary use, do not deliver more detailed info. Someone (sorry, I forget who it was) earlier mentioned that the dosage would be very high to realize any significant benefits from Clen as an anticatabolic. In other places I have read that ephedra is affective for this use, and Clen is even better at preserving muscle. Is there an accepted affective dosage?

    There are many other factors to consider here, I know. There are many things that can induce catabolism. What I am wondering is, in general (or specifically if you like), what is the true effect of Clenbuterol on catabolism? I am of course wondering if my cutting cyle during PCT is also benefitting me by preserving my hard gained muscle, but I would like to hear any experiences/info others may have also. I think this should be an interesting topic. Thanks in advance guys.


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    It seems to be a common theory that is accepted but I have never seen any actuall documentation on it.
    I suspect a case study would not be feasible to conduct as it's not clens purpose to prevent muscle loss. A study like that would most likely be impossible to control in any case as their are so many factors that lead to catabolism.

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