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Thread: extended cycle?

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    extended cycle?

    I've just recently finished a 4 month long cycle. I will be receiving

    HCG anyday now and was wondering how the best way would

    be to use it. Also how long before i can start up my next cycle?

    Thanks for any information.

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    There is no rule on when to go back. Some say time on=time off, some say time on= half off , some say wax on= wax off.

    IMO, which isn't worth much because it is your choice. Take 2-3 months off.

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    you need clomid bro, not hcg .

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    You can run the HCG , especially if you are still on cycle. If you are off cycle, then you need clomid.

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    The best is to take HCG and clomid together cause they work differently, if you can only get one, my opinion is a stack of HCG and some Nolvadex ,(nolvadex help a little to raise your test while keeping estrogen low. I know a lot of people on this board take clomid only, but this stuff is almost inexistent in my hood and everybody i know use a stack like mine and keep all gains.

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