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    Darkside Newbie

    Wazzup my bro's i just crossed over to the darkside on Monday night, fisrt shot of test e with 22g didnt feel a damn thing/ im 5'10'' 202lbs/10% bf/ lifting for about 10 yrs/35yrs old.Im going to run dbol in this cycle also. I was told to run the test at 1ccwk1/2ccwk2/3ccwk3 and then cycle back down in this fashion. I also saw on here where some have run it for 1cc a week for ten weeks since it long acting whats the best way.....................

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    Doesn't look like you did your research. What type of Test are you using? How are you dosing the DBOL also??

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    There's no need to pyramid your dosages. You want to keep your levels constant.

    Weeks 1 - 4 Dbol @ 25mg ED
    Weeks 1 - 10 Enan @ 500 /split inj. M and Thr @ 250mg each to give you 500mg for the week
    Weeks 1 - end of PCT Nolva @ 20mg ED
    Start PCT 2 weeks after last inj.

    Run Clomid
    300mg Day1
    100mg Day 2 to 11
    50mg Day 12 to 21

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