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    25mg dbol Capsules

    This guy I get my stuff from has some underground 25mg dbol capsules. Just wondering if it would be worth taking. Since it's in capsule form, you'd kinda have to take the whole thing at once... so would it make sense to take one like 2 hours before a workout and maybe another one 2-4 hours after a workout?

    I know a lot of people are going to say that it's probably fake stuff, but I've taken his winstrol capsules and clen capsules and they all paned out great. I've only ever gotten gear from him... it's always underground stuff, cheaper than real stuff and has always worked great.

    I can get 5mg tabs, but this would be way cheaper.

    Wonder what it would taste like to open up the capsule and just throw half of it in a drink and gulp it or something, then do the same 4 hours later with the other half.

    I've never taken dbols and I'm not sure...

    Oh... I'm taking 600mg of test a week, split in two... I'm 5.6" and weight in at 210lbs. I'm not as ripped as in the pic, but my abs are clearly there and I've got veins still coming out all over. Just in case some of you wanted my stats before giving me a bit of advice

    If it were just 25mg tabs, then it'd be a no brainer, but capsules... don't know. Thanks in advance for any insight or info.

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    Well i'd think capsules and tabs would have the same half life as the tabs aren't really time released. Also since a cap will disolve fast there is really no point in dealing with taste by drinking it. just my 2 cents and I could and probably am wrong, i'm not running on much sleep right now.

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