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    erection problems

    Allright, Here's the deal.....I'm just finishing up on my post cycle therapy (clomid 300/100/50). My cycle lasted 10 wks and consisted of 500sust/400deca per week. For the past two weeks, I've had trouble getting an erection but once I got it it stayed. Also, my desire for sex is significantly less than when I was on the cycle......I wanted sex every day and could get aroused from a gentle breeze! How long before my natural test production kicks in and how long should I wait before I see my doctor to have my test levels tested? And if by chance the doctor suggests test therapy for me, is that going to be a life-long therapy....will I need test shots or transdermal patches for the rest of my life? I hope someone can help me with this one.

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    I would extend the clomid to 4 weeks and not the usual 3 weeks. Deca can be hard to recover from.

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    maybe HCG is in order before u started ur clomid? i'm on a similar cycle and would like to know what bros on similar cycle do to recover.



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    had the same probs after running enanthate @ 500 and deca @ 400 for 12 weeks. Extend your clomid to 4 weeks, like TheMudman said. It took me 2 months to fully recover. The good news is, you'll be fine eventually without needing any HRT. Wait it out, it definitely sucks though. That's why I won't run deca anymore. Eq is better, IMO

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