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    Question first cycle (20 ???'s)

    I'm 153, 5'8" and 29 yrs old & have been lifting regularly over last few years.

    Hows this for a first cycle?

    deca 300mg/wk
    dianabol 20mg/day
    oxandralone 25/day
    sust 250 500mg/wk

    proviron ??/mg/?? How much & when?
    nolvadex ??/mg/?? How much & when?

    ???Is this too much...OK, or should i use deca/winny depo/ and sust???

    Last ???...clomid? or what... how much (mg/day or mg/wk) and for how long to restore my bodies own test balance???

    Novice needing help....please.
    Experienced opinions much appriciated!!

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    Save the deca , save the oxan, switch the sust with a single ester test like ena or cyp. run the test for 10 weeks and the dbol 1-4, maybe bump the dosage up a little but its not even really needed at all. Start clomid 3 weeks after your last injection.
    Day 1 - 300mg
    10 days - 100mg
    10 days 50mg

    Run nolva throughout the cycle at 20mg, if you're paranoid about gyno as well as through post cycle.

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    I'd drop the ox, and run the rest at deca 400mlgs/wk.....sus250 500mlgs/wk....d-bol 30mg ed/4 weeks......I like to run clomid throughout my entire cycle, nolva only when needed......What I have listed was the exact cycle(minus primo) that I ever did....I got good results and was happy with the end product, good luck with whatever cycle you choose.....

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    not too far from you
    I was thinking the same thing as bdtr. save deca and ox, but I thing sust would suit you fine. happy growing.

    Ohh yeah, I forgot there's no light in the tunnel now that your over to the dark side

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