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    bulking cycle info needed

    o.k. my friend "pretty boy", has done 3 cycles in the last 1.5-2 yrs.
    1. 250 sust/wk .gained 15 or 20 lbs
    2. 10 dbol and 75 fina EOD
    3. 75 fina EOD, 250 sust EOD, again up 15 or so 10wks

    no the cat is out of the bag and the GF knows the deal, so he want to bulk.... i dared him to hit 240ish.......

    currently he is 205 at 5'11-6'0. i want him to hit ATLEAST 225..

    i was thinking

    wk1...100mg a-50 with 5-600 mg cyp/enanthate
    wk2....75 mg a-50 same as above for 12-16wks
    wk3-4..50mg a-50

    of course nolvas, hcg post cycle and clomid

    what would you guys recommend? i can't think if something, if anything should be ran from wk4 on with the enanthate/cyp?


    i will have his diet bang on with atleast 2gm carbs per/lb and same protein

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    keep the abombs at 100 for the entire 4 weeks, maybe up the test a bit or frontload it for the first two weeks at a gram. Maybe deca or EQ in there for the entirety as well.

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